Kiro Russo

Length: 100 min.
Language: Spanish.
Shooting format: Super 16mm.
Shooting location: Rodríguez market, my grandmother’s old house, the chaotic and popular street of Buenos Aires. The Choqueyapu river and the ancient forest of Tarata in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Two men force a door in two different times and places. One has to steal out of necessity. The other is escaping from his wife, who has transformed into a wild beast.


KIRO RUSSO (La paz, 1984)

Director, producer and scriptwriter. He studied direction at the University of Cinema in Buenos Aires. As a director and scriptwriter, he made the short films Enterprisse (2010), Juku (2012), and New Life (2015), premièring at the 68th Locarno Film Festival, received a special mention from the jury and won first prize and the Orona Award in the International Film Students Meeting at San Sebastian Film Festival. These works have a are very closely related to Viejo Calavera, his first feature film in post-production phase. 


2011 - Enterprisse.
2012 - Juku.
2015 - Materiales.
2015 - Nueva vida.
2016 - La Bestia.

After being part of Ikusmira Berriak, Kiro Russo’s project was selected to be part of the second edition of LoboLab of Mar de Plata Film Festival. Loba, was awarded with the first prize, valued in 100.000 Argentinian pesos. 

Gerhard Treml and Leo Calice

Length: 10 min.
Language: English.
Shooting format: DCP following DCI
Shooting location: Mojave Desert, California.

Calipatria is the name of a state prison situated in California´s desert. Santiago Cassilas is one the prisoners: 58 years, member of a gang, convicted to life sentence in solitary confinement. Santiago works one hour a day in prison´s garden, and that will be the place where he reveales his feelings, life history, secrets and dreams, beyond prison´s walls.



His practice explores narrative strategies to appropriate, investigate, and reconfigure spatial relations basic to our construction of reality. His work relies on drawing, scripting, filmmaking and installations. He recently directed the international art-based research program Eden’s Edge in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and launched the Office for Narrative Landscape Design (O.N.L.S.D). Together with Leo Calice, he directed their first series of short films which have won multiple international awards including Clermont Ferrand's Grand Prix.




Leo Calice was trained as a chef and worked in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Austria. He later studied Landscape Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. 2012 he joined the art based research project Eden's Edge and was a founding member of the Office for Narrative Landscape Design (O.N.L.S.D) which produced a series of animated documentary short films Eden’s Edge (2014). It was screened extensively and won numerous international awards including Clermont Ferrand's Grand Prix.


During their stay in San Sebastian, the directors used the Tabakalera resources to conceptualize and build the landscape models of their project. Calipatria is the only animated short film of the collection. The project was awarded with the REC Postproduction Award, valued with 10.500 euros of three weeks of work at its facilities. Currently Gerhard and Leo are deeply immersed in the project. 

Amaia and Aitor Merino

Length: 80 min.
Language: Spanish, Basque.
Shooting format: HD/ DCP screening.
Shooting location: Iruñea- Pamplona / Mediterranean cruise: Barcelona, Marseilles, Genoa, Naples, Sicily, Malta and Palma de Mallorca.

Since they were very young, Amaia and Aitor lived away from their parents, Kontxi and Iñaki, now retired. Last summer they realised a dream: getting the four of them together to go on a cruise on a huge ship called FANTASÍA. On their return, they will face a bigger, terrifying boat: the reality of distance, old age and death that one day will separate them. The idyllic holiday reunion will be the contrast from which the harshness of reality acquires a true meaning.


AMAIA MERINO (san sebastián, 1970)

She lives and works in Ecuador, a country where she has specialised in editing and scriptwriting for non-fiction cinema. Over the last fifteen years, she has edited some of the best-known feature films in the country: Blak Mama, Más allá del Mall, Resonancia, En Espera, El Pan Nuestro, 1809-1810 Mientras Llega el Día y Asier ETA biok (Asier Y yo), among others. Since 2006,  she has given tutorials on editing and scriptwriting at the Instituto Tecnológico de Cine y Actuación (Technological Institute of Cinema and Performance).


AITOR MERINO (san sebastián, 1972)

He has developed his career primarily as a film, theatre and television actor, working on more than twenty films under directors  Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Vicente Aranda, Carlos Saura Medrano, Manuel Matji and Icíar Bollaín, among others. His first short film as a director, El Pan Nuestro, received awards at a number of national and international festivals and was nominated for the Goya Awards. Asier eta biok (Asier and I), co-directed with his sister Amaia Merino, was his first feature film. He is currently combining his work as an actor with the feature-length documentary project FANTASÍA, co-directed again with Amaia Merino.


2008 - El Pan Nuestro
2011 - Más allá del Mall
2013 - Asier ETA biok (Asier Y yo)

During their stay in San Sebastian, Aitor and Amaia used the Tabakalera resources to review, document and contrast all the filmed material. Fantasía, produced by Doxa Producciones, is currently in a shooting stage. 


Mikel Gurrea

Length: 80 min.
Language: Catalan, Spanish and Arabic.
Shooting format: HDCAM Standard.
Shooting location: Les Salines, Alt Empordà, Girona..

Ivan (33) inherits a farmstead in Girona, his last chance to make a living for himself. He and his partner Elena (30) move to the house to manage a former cork plantation. However, as an outsider, facing increasing tension with the local cork extractors and the Moroccan carriers he has to face a major moral dilemma.


MIKEL GURREA (san sebastián, 1985)

While studying audio-visual communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, he worked for the advertising production firm Agosto, he wrote and directed several short films, including Primo (2008), Los gatos del tejado (2009) and Rojo en el agua (2010). In 2011 he was awarded a scholarship from Obra Social “la Caixa” to study a master's degree in film direction at the London Film School. During this period, he directed the documentary Txoria, the commercial Chessmates and developed the dramaturgy for the choreography Automatich Flesh by the Rambert Dance Company, which premiered in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. His graduation film, Foxes, was awarded, among others, the prize for best fiction in the Students category at the Montreal Festival des Filmes du Monde and was selected for Kimuak 2015 catalogue. His theatre fiction project, Soka, was chosen for the New Dramaturgies project. He is currently developing a feature-length drama, Heldu (Hold), produced by Eva Sigurdardottir and selected by EAVE.


2008 - Primo.
2009 - Los gatos del tejado.
2013 - Chessmates.
2013 - Txoria.
2015 - Foxes.

Suro was awarded with the REC Award, valued with 35.000 euros for its future postproduction  in Rec Studios. After Ikusmira Berriak, Suro was selected to be part of the 7th L’Alternativa Professionals Symposium of the 23rd Independent Barcelona Film Festival. Laura Rubirola and Claudia Maluerda, from Tándem Entertainment and, Sergio Moreno and Tono Folguera, from Lastor Media, will produce Mikel’s feature fiction film. The project has finalized the script writing phase and is currently in an advanced stage of development. 


Leo Calice, Kiro Russo, Amaia Merino, Mikel Gurrea, Aitor Merino

Ada Solomon, Paz Lázaro, Sergio Oksman. Experts Committee 2016

José Luis Rebordinos, Paz Lázaro, Sergio Oksman, Mikel Gurrea, Kiro Russo, Amaia Merino, Leo Calice, Aitor Merino, Ada Solomon, Ane Rodríguez, Xabier Paya

Kiro Russo, Aitor Merino, Amaia Merino, Mikel Gurrea, Leo Calice

Press Conference

Press Conference

Mikel Gurrea, Suro


Leo Calice, Calipatria

Kiro Russo, Loba

Amaia y Aitor Merino, Fantasía

Ada Solomon, Paz Lázaro, Sergio Oksman. Experts Committee 2016

Amaia y Aitor Merino, Fantasía

Kiro Russo, Loba

Leo Calice, Calipatria

Mikel Gurrea, Suro

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